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VMoo is the world's most advanced Moo client for Windows computers. This client for Windows '9X/NT/2000/ME supports multiple world windows, advanced triggers, Tcl 8.3 as macro language, logging, word (re-)wrapping, inline links, drag&drop, ANSI colors, multimedia, a player list, page windows, smart complete, auto login, auto reconnect, socks, telnet and ssl proxies, a moo database, macro keys, a command history, connection encryption and MCP/2.1. VMoo has the most advanced syntax colored moo-code/text editor available (It finds most code errors, before you transfer your code back to the moo). The client is programmable and extendable from almost every programming language available for Windows (via ActiveX-Automation).

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What is a moo?

Inline links A moo server can send invisible links, which - like hyperlinks in a website - make it possible to navigate through a moo by clicking with a mouse. URL's are automaticaly highlited for easy web browsing.
Internal editor The moo-code editor is the most sophisticated moo verb editor available. It has syntax highlighting and an advanced verb-code checker and the ability to keep several editing windows open concurrently.
Multimedia With VMoo Multimedia, a world can extend the text based environment to a world with audio, images and video support.
Page Windows Whenever you receive a page from someone, you can optionally have VMoo put these message in a separate query window so they will stand out from the rest of the text.
Player List The player list which is always visible on the right side of the screen you can see which players are currently logged on to the server.
Smart Complete With a simple press on Ctrl+Spacebar, you can complete the word you were typing. When there are more options, you can choose the right one from the popup list.
Triggers You can color lines, or execute commands based upon patterns received, from the world. A sophisticated, but easy to use dialog, makes programming triggers easy.
Proxy Support The socks 4/5, SSL, HTTP and telnet proxy support makes it possible to use VMoo behind most types of firewalls/proxy servers.

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