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What is a moo?

Moo is a specific type of MUD (Multi User Dungeon). But this doesn't answer the question, does it?

Some years ago there were text based video games, which when you started them told you something like:

You are standing in front of the castle. 
You see a helmet on the ground.

You can go north, east and south. 

After some time, games were created that a number of users could connect to; first on-site and later via networks. This made it possible to visit a world with more users at the same time and even interact.

This type of game, which were primarily used for gaming, was called a Multi User Dungeon (MUD). At this time there are worlds to which hundreds of users can (and do) connect to at the same time.

Stephen White wrote an object oriented MUD server, which he called MOO (Mud Object Oriented). Pavel Curtis took the basic design, language, and code, fixed bugs and added features to release the first LambdaMOO version (The most common Moo server).

In 1996 Erik Ostrom continued the work of Pavel Curtis, who was retiring. After his first release, Ben Jackson and Jay Carlson took over the maintanance. Since 2000, the LambdaMOO server is hosted at SourceForge.

Visit The Lost Library of MOO for more information about Moo's.

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