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Download VMoo

The current VMoo release is .

All previous releases are no longer supported. Please report ideas and problems to our support mailinglists.

VMoo Pro 1.6.920 1.9 MB VMoo Pro 1.6 Setup package

If you are a registered VMoo Pro user, you should use the link in your registration mail in stead of one of the above files.

If you have problems downloading any of the above files, please email us so we can fix it.

For Windows '95 users without Internet Explorer 4 or higher it is recommended to install the latest Common Control update (50comupd.exe).

Please note: VMoo is © Copyright Bert Huijben 1998-2023.

You are licensed to redistribute VMoo (and VMoo Pro), when you 1. Use a recent version (1.6 or above), 2. When you distribute it using the original installation executable and 3. Please let us know if you want to distribute it to larger groups (25+) of users (for statistic reasons).

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