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VMoo Support

Before you request help by email please:

We have several support mailinglist, each with a different function. Please use the right one for your question.

vmoo-RemoveThis@vmoo.RemoveThis.comMain VMoo support list
vmoo-www-RemoveThis@vmoo.RemoveThis.comHomepage Team
vmoo-mcp-dev-RemoveThis@vmoo.RemoveThis.comMoo support (MCP)
vmoo-dev-RemoveThis@vmoo.RemoveThis.comMoo Client Development list
info-RemoveThis@vmoo.RemoveThis.comCommercial support, order information etc.

All mailinglists are multilanguage: Responses of the VMoo team will be in English or Dutch; other members might understand other languages ;-).

Please report VMoo bugs/problems/ideas, etc. etc. via the vmoo-dev mailinglist.

Please note that at this moment most VMoo users are dutch, so you might receive dutch emails every once in a while when you subscribe one or more of these lists. (Almost every member will understand english).

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